Sept 2020

Stakeholder Courtesy Engagement TNB & REHDA Melaka

On 4 September 2020, TNB Melaka hosted a stakeholder courtesy engagement with REHDA Melaka at Wisma TNB, MITC Melaka. REHDA Melaka delegation of 15 delegates led by Branch Chairman Datuk Ng Choon Koon was received warmly by Tn Khairizam Bin Ibrahim. Head of Customer Services Melaka, Retail Division, TNB.   

After the welcome greetings by Tn Khairizam, Datuk Ng took the opportunity to introduce his new Committee Members and Hon Advisors to team of TNB Melaka. He also raised about the feedback from members as follows:
– Slow processing and approval for connection charge, TNB award and TNB works.
– Timeframe for works completion by TNB’s contractor.
– Idea to expedite the processing and approval of connection charge for street lighting.
– Clarification on new requirement of lightning and surge protection system imposed by Suruhanjaya Tenaga.

During the session, TNB also briefed the delegates on the application process for the supply of electricity and Allo’s broadband. Several initiative being taken by TNB to expedite the project completion such as 28 days approval timeframe for issuance of certificate of completion and compliance. TNB also urged developers to notify TNB on any issue related to the TNB works done by their contractors for their immediate attention.

The session adjourned with both parties committed to work together closely especially to accelerate the post-COVID19 economic recovery process of all affected industry. REHDA Melaka’s special thanks to TNB Melaka for hosting a fruitful engagement session!


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