Dec 2023

Engagement session with SAMB

1 December 2023 – The Branch had an engagement session with Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad (SAMB) chaired by SAMB Chief Executive Officer Encik Abdul Rashid Bin Ab Rahman at Wisma Air Melaka. SAMB briefed generally on the new “e-Permohonan SAMB” processes and timeframes. Several issues faced by members were discussed, which including SAMB’s elevated water tank requirement, delay in approval process, cost for pipe laying by developers and etc.

REHDA Melaka representatives also had the opportunity to visit the newly established dashboard system “SAMB Smart Intelligent Command Centre” (SICC) led by Encik Abdul Rashid. The main objective of SICC is to monitor the collection and analysis of various operational data starting from raw water, the distribution of treated water supply across the state as well as consumer complaints, as more accurate data could be received directly to facilitate strategic planning and action by all parties.

It was a fruitful session with the CEO proposing a more precise workshop to obtain industry updates and to discuss challenges faced by SAMB and developers.


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1 Dec 2023

Engagement session with SAMB

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