Feb 2020

REHDA Melaka Briefing Session on Smart City & Maxis Fiber for Private Developers

REHDA Melaka kicked off the year 2020 with a half day briefing session on smart city and Maxis fiber with the collaboration of Maxis. The briefing session held on 25 February 2020 started with the welcome remarks of REHDA Melaka Chairman Dato’ Sri Ngoh King Hua.

The briefing session was facilitated by two experts from Maxis, namely Mr Syed Othman Syed Salim, Head of Maxis Smart Cities and Security and Mr Shanon Rao, Fiber Expansion and Coverage Planning Specialist of Maxis. The informative briefing centered on the following topics: –
i) Connectivity within a smart city
ii) Smart city solution domains and platforms
iii) Smart security for residences, commercial buildings and malls
iv) Track and trace solutions covering vehicle and asset tracking, and worker management
v) Building of the smart city ecosystem
vi) Maxis fiber

REHDA Melaka thanks Maxis and all developers especially REHDA Melaka members who have attended and supported this briefing session!


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