Dec 2021

Engagement Session with TNB Melaka

REHDA Melaka is in constant engagements with TNB Melaka to discuss matters and issues pertinent to the housing and property industry. During the recent online engagement session held on 16 December 2021 via Webex Meeting, REHDA Melaka discussed with TNB Melaka on the latest issues faced, especially in regards to delays in material supplies during the pandemic, the labor shortages, issues with SOP and long waiting time for materials, which have resulted in serious backlog, and frustrating the timeline of TNB supplies to projects.

In order to meet timely supply to developers, TNB Melaka has carried out several interim measures to reduce the impact of material issues to a minimum level, inter alia, via priority project listing, and etc. On the other hand, TNB Melaka forecasted that the material issue will become stable in January to March 2022 or latest by May 2022.

Pursuant to this, REHDA Melaka has been requested by TNB Melaka to advise members to notify and contact TNB Melaka in the event of encountering any project being due with the date line for issuance of CCC under the Sale & Purchase Agreement (Schedule G or Schedule H), so as to enable TNB Melaka to take necessary interim measures to expedite supplies to the development projects to avoid Liquidated Ascertained Damages (LAD) stemming from late completion or delivery of project.


16 Dec 2021

Engagement Session with TNB Melaka

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