Oct 2020

Courtesy Visit to New State Director of JPPH Melaka by REHDA Melaka

The Committee Members, led by the Branch Chairman Datuk Ng Choon Koon, paid a courtesy visit to the State Director of Valuation, Sr Zulkefili Bin Abd Rahman on 20 October 2020 at the State Valuation and Property Services Department of Malaysia (JPPH Melaka) Office in Ayer Keroh Melaka.

The delegation was warmly received by the State Director and some senior valuation officers of JPPH Melaka.

The focus of the visit was to strengthen the existing relationship between JPPH Melaka and REHDA Melaka.

During the meeting, Sr Zulkefili advised developers to provide detailed info on the proposal of project development to the State Land & Mines Department either during application for change in category of land use or re-alienation of land for premium or property selling price determination. If the application is submitted with correct and complete information, will ease JPPH to report a more accurate valuation to the State Land & Mines Department.

Please click here for the detailed data required by JPPH Melaka.


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